UPDATED April 15, 2020

COVID-19: Message from Our Chairwoman and President

Dear Si-Yo Artists™, Si-Yo Arts Partners™, donors, and friends:


The day-to-day realities of COVID-19 confound us all: How do we meet these unprecedented medical, economic, psychological, and cultural challenges? 


Here at Si-Yo Music, we asked ourselves this hard question. We realized that now, more than ever, we must remain true to our mission of “inspiring a global community with classical music.” We committed ourselves to staying ahead of the virus’ fallout for our Si-Yo Artists™, Si-Yo Arts Partners™, communities, and professional staff. We also realized that in order to do so, we must develop new programs. 

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Our Upcoming Classically Leonia 2019-2020 Season


Stay tuned for our announcement of the 2020–21 season. Read about this series' aim and impact here.

TBD (rescheduling original April 4 date)
"Rossini and Paganini"
New York Classical Players

TBD (rescheduling May 10, 2020 date)

The Heartbeat Project: Bringing Western classical music to youth on the Navajo (Diné) Reservation"

Si-Yo Stories: Our Community and Our Impact 

We asked our artists, trustees, and supporters to describe their experiences with us. Visit the Stories section of our blog for their memories, thoughts, and hopes for the future. 


Strengthening the Community with Music for All

Si-Yo Gives Students Unforgettable Carnegie Hall Experience

Author T.A. Barron on Collaborating with Si-Yo to Inspire Children


Educational Series:
The Power of Pondering/"Tree Girl"


"I am thrilled that Si-Yo Music Society Foundation has taken 'Tree Girland turned it into a form that can reach children everywhere!"—T.A. Barron, author of "Tree Girl"

The Power of Pondering series awakens empathy and imagination with the transcendent power of music. For children ages 8–13, this educational outreach series combines original musical performance with spoken word.

The initial program is based on T.A. Barron’s children's book 'Tree Girl and is intended to be performed in libraries, book stores, nature centers, and community centers. The program debuted in December 2018 at Primoris Academy in Westwood, NJ; it is currently in beta.


For general inquiries or to request a performance, email info@si-yomusic.org.

For Mr. Barron's thoughts about the program, as well as writing in general, head to our blog for our interview with him.


New Website Under Construction

Our team is working on an updated website and will be publishing it soon.


#DistancedButConnected: Sharing Music Never Stops

In light of the concerts being cancelled in various parts of the world, we offer our YouTube and SoundCloud playlists of performances by our Si-Yo Artists™ as a source of musical enjoyment. We also have an ongoing series of videos, Si-Yo Morning Music Break™, available on YouTube.


Our entire team is still here for our musicians, arts partners, collaborators, and supporters—we’re listening to to you and adjusting our plans and resources to meet your needs and expectations. We are monitoring the situation via the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; we will update our community should any changes be made in our activities or how we operate. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns.


Support Artists with Purpose

We are delighted to launch our new fundraising campaign, "Artists with Purpose: Uniting the World with Music." For centuries, western classical music has had the miraculous power to unite people across all cultures, ages, and languages. The musicians on the Si-Yo Artist™ roster have committed to serving the world through their music and are always searching for new ways to inspire, educate, and connect people from all walks of life.


Their projects include Native American outreach, refugee camp outreach, new works of music, and expanding performance horizons. With this new campaign we will continue to support them by commissioning new works, funding scholarships, and providing performance and teaching platforms.

When it comes to enhancing society with music, the possibilities are endless. Your contribution will enable them to continue to enhance society with their artistry. 


Support Access to Music While You Shop Online!

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Help make classical music accessible to all by shopping with AmazonSmile!


Just click our unique AmazonSmile link when you want to shop online, and Si-Yo will automatically be selected (bookmark us!). Each time you buy an eligible item, Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to us. All of your Amazon preference settings will be mirrored. Anytime you want to return to shopping on Amazon's regular site, just click on Amazon.com.


For additional details, visit AmazonSmile's promotion page.


Thank you for your generosity and happy shopping!


Si-Yo Artist™ Activities


In addition to their Si-Yo performances, our Artists are also busy with events outside the Foundation. Keep up with them here and come out and see them if you can!

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