Who We Are

The hush right before the first note is played, the ebb and flow of emotion as the piece progresses, and the burst of delighted applause. It is simply magical when a gifted musician, exquisite instrument, and captivated audience meet. Since 1966, Si-Yo Music Society Foundation has been creating these experiences for international artists and audiences alike.


Based in New York City's invigorating and musically rich neighborhood of Lincoln Square, we are always connecting with new people and seeking new ways to bring classical music to a global community of music lovers.

Musician Support


With our performance and teaching opportunities as well as our instrument-lending program, we enable our talented Si-Yo Artists™ to reach and inspire people young and old, those of great means and those less privileged, whose souls can be enriched by the powerful energy of music.

Si-Yo Music Presents™


Classical music—a form of aural communication that needs no translation—has the power to inspire people regardless of nationality or ethnicity. The opportunity for an audience to watch and listen to a great performance is matched only by the musician's joy of performing.

For over half a century, wide-ranging audiences in the United States, Asia, and Europe have enjoyed our concerts, festivals, and instrument exhibitions.

Outreach Programs


We believe that everyone should have access to high quality classical music and music education. To reach as many people as possible, we present the following programs free of charge: Community outreach performances at senior centers and, eventually, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities; educational outreach performances and educational presentations for schoolchildren in remote areas; and the Power of Pondering children's series, which combines original music and spoken word to awaken empathy and imagination with the transcendent power of music.

We've spent over 50 years supporting accomplished musicians and providing beautiful music for global audiences, and we hope you will join us for another 50 years and beyond!



Board of Trustees


Eva Lerner-Lam, F.ITE, M.ASCE, Chairwoman (Roxbury, NY)

Paolo Bodini (Cremona, Italy)

Tian Jiang (Fort Lee, NJ)

Yin Long (Green Brook, NJ)

Karen Neus (Tenafly, NJ)

Risa Rosenberg (Montclair, NJ)

Elaine Sheng (New York, NY)

Ellen Thompson, Treasurer (Tucson, AZ)

Rosaline Yin (Rochester, NY)

Officers and Staff

Eva Lerner-Lam, President

Ellen Thompson, Chief Financial Officer

Risa Rosenberg, Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary

Rosaline Yin, Vice President of Branding & Design

Soyeon Park, Artistic Director

Jiwon Suh, Assistant Artistic Director

Denise Tong, Communications Director

Ray Zeng, International Relations Director
Katherine Lerner-Lam, Senior Administrator and Digital Manager

Jessie Jaewon Chung, Artistic Planning Coordinator