Si-Yo Artist™ Roster

Our artists are aspiring and professional musicians from the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Through their dedication to performances, education, and community service, they are our ambassadors of Western classical music. We provide our artists with international teaching and performance opportunities, an instrument lending program, and a support network of kindred souls who are diverse in talents and passions yet united in their love of music.

Become a Si-Yo Artist™

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Our artists are also busy with events outside of Si-Yo; keep up with them on our blog!
If one of our artists has moved you with their skill, passion, and commitment to “inspiring a global community with classical music,” please consider donating in their honor.

Si-Yo Mentors™

We seek to connect our artists to experienced mentors; for more information, click below.

Si-Yo Master Artist™

These established artists have made a significant impact on the music world and continue to inspire and mentor musicians of the next generation.

Si-Yo Artist™

These talented professional musicians have developed their style and vision and have begun to make their mark as performers and/or pedagogues.

Si-Yo Young Artist™

These aspiring young musicians are on the path to successful and fulfilling careers in music.