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Hao Liu


Bio courtesy of Ning Li

Si-Yo Stories Interview

Liu Hao was born in 2001 in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China. Suffering from a Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) at birth, his vision was permanently lost soon after. Despite of playing on a keyboard without seeing the world, his exceptional versatility with music surfaced at age 4. By age 7, his musical talents thrived with the inspiration of the world famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang. Over the years, he has been taught by many piano teachers, including Liu Yongxue, Wang Haibo, Zhang Zhiwei, Zhang Jin, Wang Qiu, and Wu Jing. Currently Liu Hao studies at the China Central Conservatory of Music’s Gulangyu Piano School under the direction of Li Huili. He has been also studying with Professor Sheng Yuan from the Piano Department of the Central Conservatory of Music for a longest period of time.

Liu Hao has won numerous national and international piano competitions:

· 2016, Vienna City Hall, Austria, Mozart Concerto with the Vienna Haydn Symphony Orchestra, "Life Goes On – the Tara Award"

· 2015, Beijing 7th Steinway National Youth Piano Competition, amateur finals, 1st place

· 2010, Germany, Schumann International Youth Piano Competition, international finals, 3rd place

· 2009, Schumann International Youth Piano Competition, Asia Pacific region, 3rd place

· 2009, Schumann International Youth Piano Competition, Beijing division, 1st place

· 2009, Beijing National School Star Instrumental Competition, 1st place

· 2009, and forward, Beijing Piano Arts Festival, numerous annual gold medals

· 2008, TOYAMA Asian Youth Music Competition, Beijing region, 2nd place

• 2008, Beijing 9th Hope Cup Junior Piano Competition, 3rd place

In 2007, Liu Hao was selected through vigorous screenings to perform with Lang Lang in the “101 Pianist Program.” Ten years later in August 2017, he was honored to accept on-stage instructions during the “Lang Lang Philanthropy Master Class” at the National Center for the Performing Arts. Liu Hao also received an exclusive interview with Lang Lang in the famous program "Lu Yu You Yue", and in the special program for “I Want to Play in the Spring Festival Gala”, broadcasted by CCTV in January 2018, in which he played duet of “Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon” with Lang Lang.

In January 2016, Liu Hao successfully held his first piano solo recital at the Beijing Zhongshan Concert Hall. In October of the same year, he was invited to perform Mozart’s Concerto with the Vienna Haydn Symphony Orchestra at the Vienna City Hall in Austria, where he received "Life Goes On – the Tara Award" and became the youngest winner since the establishment of the award that encourages outstanding achievers who strived for disasters. In October 2017, at the Shanghai Zhongying Black Forest Central Park Concert, Liu Hao, in collaboration with the Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra, impressively staged the 4th movement of piano concerto "The Yellow River” for the first time. In January 2018, at the invitation of the famous Crescendo International Music Competition Committee, Liu Hao performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York during his five-month visit to the U.S. In February of the same year, Liu Hao once again played the 4th movement of piano concerto "The Yellow River” with the local orchestra for the Chinese Spring Festival Evening in Pulansburg, New Jersey State Grand Theater. 

Liu Hao has been featured by numerous Chinese national and regional television programs, including CCTV’s “Lesson 1”, “The Genius Stage”, “Juvenile China Strong”, and “Challenging the Impossible”. In addition, he has been reported by dozens of mainstream medias across the country. In 2011 and 2016, his influential story was adapted into two inspirational films "Blind Piano Boy" and "Dream Chasing", in which "Blind Piano Boy" was starring by Liu Hao himself. He was also nominated for the "2012 Beijing Role Model." Over the years, Liu Hao received sponsorships from the Beijing Apple Charity Foundation, Zhou Libo & Hu Jie Public Fund, and Edifier Musicians Foundation, among which supports from the Apple Foundation continues to date.

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