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Our artists are aspiring and professional musicians from the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Through their dedication to performances, education, and community service, they are our ambassadors of Western classical music. We provide our artists with international teaching and performance opportunities, an instrument lending program, and a support network of kindred souls who are diverse in talents and passions yet united in their love of music.
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Shai Rosenboim

Shai Rosenboim is one of the most versatile Israeli pianists of his generation. His international appearances include concerts in Scotland, England, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Romania, South America and China.


As early as the age of 17, he performed at the Palais de Beaux Arts in Brussels. Since then, Mr. Rosenboim has appeared as a soloist with the orchestras of Haifa, Be'er-Sheva, Rubin Academy, Golden Sail Symphony, Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra and Transylvania State Philharmonic Cluj, amongst others. His musical partners include Maestri En Shao, Gal Alterovich, Itay Talgam, Dariusz Mikulski and Noam Zur.


In addition to his performances of the standard repertoire, Mr. Rosenboim is also highly requested for contemporary music. His recordings in this field include several of his own compositions as well as pieces by leading Israeli Composers such as Ami Ma'ayani and Tzvi Avni.


After having graduated with distinction from the Givataim Conservatory and the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel-Aviv, he received further tutelage from Prof. Li Qifang of the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. Critics have described him as a "highly sensitive and thoughtful pianist".


Shai Rosenboim is currently the director of the International Music Institute of China.

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