Si-Yo Stories

Our Community and Our Impact 

For over 50 years, we’ve been uniting musicians, music lovers, educators, and instrument collectors around the world. Along the way, the members of our community have had countless touching and meaningful experiences; this page is a small selection of what they shared with us. Click below for the full collection of testimonials and interviews with their memories, thoughts, and hopes for the future.

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Cho-Liang Lin, Si-Yo Master Artist™

"It is wonderful to have Si-Yo promote music education, to give top young talents a lift in career building, and to foster ever closer ties between what musicians do and what happens in our society. We all need a helping hand from time to time. Si-Yo is a friend that offers this helping hand."


Gerardo Teissonnière, Si-Yo Artist™


"I feel privileged and proud to have had firsthand experiences that represent the values of Si-Yo Music Society Foundation’s mission. As a Si-Yo Artist™, I have had the opportunity to travel across the world to play for and work with some of the most appreciative audiences and talented young artists. Building a musical bridge between the East and the West continues to be a rewarding part of my contribution to humanity through my work as a musician."


Author T.A. Barron, supporter


"[Si-Yo] won me over with their concept of combining my story, 'Tree Girl,' with beautiful music by gifted performers. When you combine those two elements, how could young people not be inspired to create their own wonderful music and stories?"

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