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Elaine Sheng, Trustee

"Si-Yo is an incredible organization that supports and encourages accomplished up-and-coming artists, some of whom do not have the resources to develop their talent or access to great mentoring.

"Our artists care about making great live music accessible to everyone, so they take the time to especially perform for senior center residents and children in remote areas. They share the joy of music, and we as an organization feel gratified to have brought these special concert moments to life.

"This community that Si-Yo has brought together—artists, staff, and our supporters—is, after over 50 years, a deeply connected global family believing that music should be shared with everyone, especially with those who lack access to it.

"Furthermore, our generous founder's collection of exquisite instruments—and Si-Yo's recognized ability to manage instruments of this caliber—also attracts people who not only love the music, but are also connoisseurs of the instruments themselves. This is a very special, uncommon bond that transcends borders.

"It is because of these shared values and shared mission that I am inspired to be part of the Si-Yo family."

—Elaine Sheng