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Peng Ji, Si-Yo Artist™

"In 2016, I was preparing for a tour in China, but I was nervous about the double bass—a full-size double bass is almost impossible to bring on tour between 7 or 8 cities and on trains, ferry boats, and planes.

"I discovered that a folding bass had been developed in the United States that can be folded and carried like luggage. After [Si-Yo Chairwoman and President] Eva Lerner-Lam attended one of my gigs in Beijing, I spoke with her about this instrument, never thinking that Si-Yo might be able to help me acquire one.

"But after she returned to New York, Si-Yo acquired a folding bass to lend to me for my tour. I was stunned, and when I saw it, I nearly cried. I brought it with me on that tour without any problems, and still travel with it today.

"I really appreciate what the Foundation has done for me and am grateful to be a part of the Si-Yo family."

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