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Tomoya Aomori, Si-Yo Artist™

"Growing up in a family of open-minded classical and jazz musicians, I had a very non-traditional approach to music, and that sometimes made it hard for me to fit into either the “classical musician” or “jazz musician” categories. I try not to have any boundaries when I’m playing or composing music, and I’m really happy that Si-Yo accepts who I am as a person and brought me and my duo, AKDuo, onto its roster.

"I’m also really thankful to the Foundation for further opening up my horizons with non-traditional projects, like the Power of Pondering project where I improvise based on text from T.A. Barron’s 'Tree Girl,' and appearing in a pop-up performance in the middle of Chinatown.

"I feel free to express my music when I work with Si-Yo!"

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