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Yin Long on Contributing to Music Appreciation

Yin Long did not grow up with classical music as a child in China, but her appreciation for it as an adult in the United States eventually led her to join Si-Yo’s Board of Trustees.

A financial advisor at MassMutual, Ms. Long’s career has been in the insurance industry, in which she has earned numerous awards and recognitions including being a repeat member of the Million Dollar Round Table. But it was through her position as Chair of the Board of Directors at the New Jersey Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce (NJCACC) that she became acquainted with Si-Yo Chairwoman and President Eva Lerner-Lam.

“I was very impressed by what she does and particularly how her parents, two of the Foundation’s co-founders, helped Maestro Jian Wang when he was a young musician,” she recalls, referring to how the Lams had loaned him the 1622 A & H Amati cello that he went on to play throughout his career.

“I could relate to every single step he had to go through to come to the U.S.,” she continues. “It touched my soul that they helped a boy they didn’t know, just because they believed in his talent. I wanted to make this story—this selfless act—public. We need to highlight work that operates with morals, compassion, and trust—things that the world is short of. It was a no-brainer to join the Foundation’s board to help continue that legacy and work. I wanted to contribute however I could.”

Ms. Long has championed the Foundation as it has evolved over the years, citing its efforts with Chinese pianist Hao Liu, a Si-Yo Young Artist™, as an example of meaningful endeavors.

“That work is exactly what this organization was established to do—I can see a little Jian Wang in the making,” she says. “I hope we can continue to grow and do that on a larger scale. Non-profits should be like this—truly dedicated. I am so proud of Si-Yo and am very happy to be affiliated with it.”

Noting that her appreciation of classical music has intensified in the last ten years due to her association with various organizations such as Si-Yo and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Ms. Long looks to the future with hope and commitment.

“I want to help broaden the audience for this music and help more people see how beautiful and powerful it is,” she says. “That has become my personal mission.”