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COVID-19: Message from Our Chairwoman and President

Dear Si-Yo Artists™, Si-Yo Arts Partners™, donors, and friends:

The day-to-day realities of COVID-19 confound us all: How do we meet these unprecedented medical, economic, psychological, and cultural challenges?

Here at Si-Yo Music, we asked ourselves this hard question. We realized that now, more than ever, we must remain true to our mission of “inspiring a global community with classical music.” We committed ourselves to staying ahead of the virus’ fallout for our Si-Yo Artists™, Si-Yo Arts Partners™, communities, and professional staff. We also realized that in order to do so, we must develop new programs.

In just the past two weeks, we’ve conceived and launched Project 2020, which encompasses new services and offerings that leverage what we had already built over the past five decades to support our artists and to connect with our global communities.

First, we established an COVID-19 Emergency Grant for Si-Yo Artists™ who are struggling with lost income due to cancelled performances and have already distributed grants to qualified applicants; they, in turn, will perform virtually in community and educational outreach events that we will present online in video and live-streamed formats. We are pilot testing a Musical Phone Pal™ program that will connect residents of senior homes and rehabilitation centers with our artists and their music, one-on-one, by telephone. And as of last week, our daily Morning Music Break™ emails and social media posts have provided links to our ever-growing, curated archive of quality video performances. In the coming weeks, watch for news on these and other Project 2020 initiatives.

In closing, I would like to share with you this beautiful video produced by Pro Cremona and sponsored by Si-Yo Arts Partner™ Museo del Violino. I hope it brings you hope and inspiration during these difficult days.

We will emerge from this crisis even more dedicated to our mission and to the power of music to unite and inspire us all. Thank you for your continued interest and encouragement. You are why we are here.


Eva Lerner-Lam

Chairwoman and President

Photo © New York, New York Photography, Beijing